First Post! (of many?)

Welcome to the first post of my new blog. This isn’t the worlds most exciting post, it’s really just an opening to get things moving along. I wont bother telling you who I am as you can check the About section for that, but rather I’ll introduce you to some of the things I hope to cover here on a semi-regular basis. Which are…

Technical posts regarding interesting or unusual techniques and software (everything from Reaper and Reaktor to CDP and my beloved Atari ST)
Post mortems of some of the projects I’ve worked on, lessons learned, all that joy
Life as an indie
Personal management (I also used to be a project manager and producer)
Essays on methodology and creativity
Sound design tips for game designers and programmers
Free sounds

The idea is that it’ll be quite a varied blog overall, one that is hopefully useful and inspiring to those reading it. Whilst I will occasionally cover equipment and software, it’s unlikely I’ll ever be eulogizing about anything that is prohibitively expensive for the non-professional. I’d rather inspire you to use what you have access to in an interesting and original way that is particular to you and your style, than make you stop altogether because you can’t afford a high-end field recording rig.

Like I said in the opening, short and sweet, so I think I’ll leave it there. Should you have any questions or ideas for blog posts you want answering in future, feel free to give me a shout…


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