Friendship Club

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Set in the imagination of a young boy in 1950s suburban America, Friendship Club is a bullet-hell party game big on its theme. For the soundtrack I wanted to achieve a kaleidoscopic, surreal but funky mishmash of all the influences the young protagonist would experience in his waking life: excerpts from his parents’ record collection, snippets of radio static, TV adverts and perhaps most importantly, sound effects from the cartoons he watches. My ambition for Friendship Club was to create a joyful player experience that harked back to some of the weirder excesses of the golden age of animation.

To achieve the quality of sound I wanted – and to emulate some of the working methods of the primary references – the majority of the soundtrack was written using an Atari ST and hardware samplers.

Responsibility: Game design, project management, soundtrack, sound design, VO recording, foley, audio implementation
Middleware: FMOD Studio
Primary Equipment: Atari ST running CLAB Creator, Emu E64 sampler, Yamaha SU700 sampler, Yamaha EX5 sampler/synth, Melos Analog Delay, hundreds of old public domain records
Primary Software: Reaper, Reaktor (rack of custom fx covering filtering/modulation/mastering), Adobe Audition

TIGA Game Hack 2013 WinnerGeek 2014 Peoples Choice Award