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Colony building science fiction game Maia takes its inspiration from cinema and literature of the 1960s and 70s. Given its distinctive visual style, with its nods to the work of Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, John Carpenter and others, the soundtrack and audio design took its lead from the emerging electronic music of that era, referencing composers and bands such as Brian Eno, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Eduard Artemyev, Jean Michel Jarre, Popol Vuh and a host of others.

In order to properly capture and evoke the era, I spent a good while researching 1960s-70s production processes and methods; a good portion of the work was made on semi-modular analogue synthesisers and step-sequencers. Passages of the soundtrack were recorded as live takes to invoke some of the working methods of tape-based studios.

The sound design in the game intentionally juxtaposes the hermetic, artificial environments of the encroaching colonists with the tranquil beauty of a planet previously untouched and unburdened by humankind.

Responsibility: Soundtrack, sound design, VO recording, foley, audio implementation
Middleware: FMOD Designer
Primary Equipment: Korg MS20, Korg MS10, Korg SQ10, Cwejman S1, Melos Analog Delay, Waldorf Blofeld.
Primary Software: Reaper, Diva, Absynth, Kontakt, Reaktor, various tape delay+saturation plugins, reverbs, eq’s etc.