Toast Time

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A single-click retro arcade shooter in which you play a toaster firing different types of bread. Toast Time’s
whimsical theme and clean, pixel art design required a chiptune soundtrack to match. Taking a few liberties with track and voice counts, I put together over forty songs, one per level, each tailored to fit the exact timings of the levels themselves. Some of the tunes were based on melodies written by my colleague at the time, Ashley Gwinnell.

Responsibility: Game design, project management, soundtrack, sound design
Middleware: None
Primary Equipment: All software
Primary Software: Reaper, Chipsounds, dlm Basic 65, BXFR

“…Toast Time has an endearing soundtrack, coupled with perfect sound effects that will have you associating shooting toast with “pew pew” for some time to come.” Chris Carter – Touch Arcade

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