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I want this website to be an interesting place to drop-by and keep up-to-date with. A place to find unfamiliar music and sound design, thoughts on games and game design, aesthetics, cinema, diy audio projects and software, possibly (but possibly not) games industry chat and finally details and breakdowns of some of my work in indie games.

The best way to stay up-to-date is via my newsletter or the rss feed.

It will be unfocussed, semi-regular, and hopefully interesting to anyone interested in the topics above.


As you've noticed by now, this website's approach is quite minimal with hardly any top-level navigation. I've tried to design it to be somewhere that is fun to explore , a place of courtyards and winding paths rather than a shop-front or billboard.

I've tried to keep this site as lean and fast-loading as possible, to this end it's effectively text-only (handwritten html/css) and all media content opens in a new page.

It's useful to keep in mind visited links are strongly coloured in red, whilst still-fresh links are blue, encouraging you see where they lead. To keep up to date with my posts I suggest using an RSS reader such as NewsBlur or one of the other free RSS readers available.

Why Blog At All?

Sometime in late 2022 I realised I'd become almost completely disillusioned with the internet as I was using it and how I was presenting myself online.

Using Wordpress for my website was a big part of this malaise. Their 'blocks' editing is a strong contender for the worst UX design I've ever encountered, coupled with needing 2FA to log into my own site, constant reminders to update plugins, templates with megalithic 3000 line CSS stylesheets and the rest of the bloat and security fears, it became something to dread rather than enjoy.

I am on Bluesky (for now at least)

Elsewhere, the social networks and bonds that had formed over a decade plus of Twitter use were gradually breaking as people migrated to a multitude of replacements. The thought of opening numerous new social media accounts and trying to refind the community in each was not a thrilling prospect.

This might have changed by now but when I joined Cohost there were very few sound designers

For a while Cohost seemed like a decent place to post short form updates and interesting things and I was enjoying getting into a rhythm of sharing on the platform, but the lack of a sound design community and the sense that I was putting my work into another walled-garden of sorts led me to wonder about alternatives.

It was around this time this that I (re?)discovered the IndieWeb. It reminded me of the simple pleasures and ideology of the pre-corporate internet. Through it I found beautiful, minimal, text-first blogs that inspired me to try to establish a new relationship with how I share my thinking and my work. To create a place that I own, free from algorithmic dependencies or external business factors, one which hopefully provides value and interest to people for a long while yet.

With this in mind I rebuilt this website from scratch in the summer of 2023.


I'm not running any analytics on this site, so I have no idea how many people visit it or who they are. If you see anything here that you like or have questions about or if you just want to reach out, please drop me a line.

Also, I'm always keen to see and hear what other people are up to so if you've your own blog (rss?..), social media or projects that you're sharing online, please send them my way so I can check them out and follow along.

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