Shadows of Doubt

An open world stealth game with a whole city of secrets at your fingertips, Shadows of Doubt is a detective stealth game set in a fully-simulated neo-noir city.

Set in a hyper-industrialized alternate reality where the government outsources police work to private corporations and contractors; you play the role of a private intelligence investigator, making money by finding and selling information.

Developed by Cole Powered Games Shadows of Doubt is an infusion of film noir with 80s cyberpunk dystopianism. A digital, blocky looking world overlaid with analogue film grain. To match this aesthetic I married 1980s synthesis techniques and processing (frequency/phase modulation, wavetable synthesis, grainy old reverbs and digital delays) with some of the unusual extended performance techniques that are a hallmark of the classic film noir soundtracks. In addition to my audio responsibilities I also had a hand in the world building and game design.

Shadows of Doubt released into Steam Early Access in 2023. It was included in Gamespot's Top 10 PC Games of the Year and was one of the five nominees for the Gameplay Innovation award in the 2023 Steam Awards.

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