Cheap(ish) Surround Speaker Build Part 2


Marking Cabinets & Cutting Holes

Given that the cheap stationary boxes that will form the cabinets are already made it was straight onto marking them up for binding posts and the centrepoint for the driver hole.

I cut the driver hole out roughly with a coping saw. The speaker housing will hide the hole's edge so it doesn't need to be perfect, it just has to be a close enough fit that the sealing tape of the driver seals the edge of the hole.

This project will be entirely hand-tools except for a dremel being used as a hand-drill. I toyed with the idea of hand carving a depression for flush mounting the drivers, but realised pretty quickly that the wood was too thin and I'd rather they were sturdy and suffered a tiny diffraction distortion than have the driver rip itself clean out of the cabinet.

This was also the point where I realised that the worst thing about making five speakers is that there's five of them.

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