Removing RSS


Well, I've not posted much this year. That's down to a few factors really. Firstly, work-load. It's a been a full-on year with various ongoing projects both professionally and personally. Shadows of Doubt has had various updates and I've bought a house with my partner so there's been THAT (this includes a studio move and everything that entails).

Secondly, the times I've wanted to write a quick blog post I've been encumbered by the thought of having to deal with my handwritten website. Although I certainly don't miss Wordpress, there are quite a few hoops to jump through to get something online. The most irritating of these being making the RSS file, with its validation and fiddlyness and bleh. I've not found a tool I like enough to handle the duties for me. So, I figure given how few people probably read this blog and how few of those use RSS at all, combined with other options such as getting updates via my newsletter or getting the newsletter feed into your RSS reader, I may as well reduce the friction - end the RSS feed.

Hence this will be the last RSS feed post for a while. If you're someone who was subbed to the RSS, please sign-up to the newsletter instead.

Expect more posts soon. Hopefully.

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