Shadows of Doubt - Early Access Announcement


The team on Shadows of Doubt have announced that we'll be doing an early access launch on Steam on April 24th 2023. Just a few weeks away...

📷 Twitter announcement

Cole wrote an insightful blog post for the reasoning behind the decision as well as a survey for what aspects of the game players would like to see further developed through the EA process.

I've still got a fair amount of work I'd like to do on the game including replacing some of the existing placeholder sounds, general mixing duties and adding new sounds for the content as we add it. Oh, and more music cues as well as a better (non-placeholder) dynamic music system for combat events. There's also some audio systems we've built that are yet to be utilised, one of which is a method to manage the way I want sounds to spill through grills when inside air vents. We're nearly there!

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