Silt Coverage in Wireframe Magazine


Sadly, since this post was written Wireframe has ceased to be. Fortunately there is an archive of it.

Towards the end of 2021 Silt got a great four page write-up and interview in 📷 issue 57 of Wireframe Magazine, which included a few words from me on my approach to the game's audio:

Brilliantly, Dymond came up with some distinctly analogue approaches to capturing those aquatic sounds. “I built a small water tank in my studio that has a speaker and hydrophones floating around inside,” he continues. “I used this to record water movements, but more interestingly, I could pipe all sorts of sounds back into the tank and re-record them through the hydrophones.” Wireframe magazine #57

The article covers the artistic inspirations, development pipeline and origin of the dev team (a fine artist and research scientist). The magazine's chock-full of interesting articles and is well-worth checking-out.

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