Silt Pre-Release Events


It's been a busy few weeks for Silt as things start to ramp-up before launch.

At the end of March it was shown as one of a number of games present for Natural History Museum Lates. As well as a playable build, each game also had a scientist from the museum allocated to it to discuss some of the elements that cross into natural history. Our scientist was Eva Steward, a deep sea biologist who brought along various specimens from the museum's vast collection. She was on hand all evening to talk to guests about the creatures similar to those in Silt and did an amazing job connecting some of the abstracted in-game biology to real-world science.

After two years of working in isolation due to covid it was pretty wild to see the game displayed in the main entrance hall, underneath the the famous skeleton of a whale. If you're in London I definitely recommend keeping an eye-out for more of the Lates events as it's a great way to spend an evening (there was also a cafe/bar, board games and a number of dinosaur exhibits open to the public).

📷 The main hall of the Natural History Museum where the games were displayed

📷 The Silt monolith in Trafalgar Square as part of London Games Festival

📷 The Silt team are now in posession of a vintage diving helmet

The following week Silt was part of the London Games Festival, where along with a number of other games it had a monolith in Trafalgar Square and just as LGF finished, it was at the WASD conference in Wapping, along with Shadows of Doubt.

Finally, Silt is featured as the cover story on this month's edition of Wireframe magazine and includes a four-page interview with Tom & Dom (Spiral Circus Games). A crazy few weeks.

📷 Silt artist Tom Mead with the monolith relocated to WASD

📷 Cole (of ColePoweredGames) made the Shadows team custom lanyards

📷 Issue #61 of Wireframe magazine

Hopefully I'll be sharing more about the making of the sound design and music in Silt in the coming weeks and months.

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