Warm Collaboration


I recently heard someone use the term 'warm collaborator' and it felt like a very useful distinction to draw upon in my work.

'Warm' suggests a pleasant environment, one that is kind, welcoming, honest, reliable. It is not merely 'enthusiastic' or 'fun', qualities that are necessary but which can stray into blind optimism or flightiness, avoiding the sometimes difficult regions of creative work.

There is some crossover here with the term 'culture' but I feel that is a broader management topic that focusses on larger organisations rather that small groups.

In the course of a project there is a huge scope for how criticism is delivered amongst a team. 'Warm' collaboration would suggest that these conversations are had with an openness and trust, which engenders approaches to problem solving that are not burdensome but potentially enjoyable, ones that open-up new avenues of thought and outcome.

I think it perfectly covers what I seek and try to imbue amongst collaborators – a simple mantra to adopt to make your work better and the people around you happier.

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