Welcoming In 2024


In addition to the my 2023 (and ongoing) pursuit to reduce my software overhead I am looking to carry the same thinking through to 2024 for my hardware and work environment. Fewer things but better. Old mics to new homes. Less adapters, fewer cables, no more 'things that might be useful' but never really are.

To this end, the last few days of the 2023 work year were spent taking apart most of my studio. Whilst it had most things patched-in nicely I'd grown a little sick of the lack of space, the mass of dusty cables and most of all by the inaccessible regions of the increasingly broken-down patchbays. Seeing as my partner and I are looking to move house in 2024 I thought it time to strip right back to and experiment with a comparatively minimal, hybrid set-up. The Atari is still there to drive things with near jitter-free MIDI, but a lot of the gear is now in the spare room, waiting to be sold or put into flightcases for some other future.

The prospect of moving to a new space has me realising that my idea of the 'ideal' studio is perhaps not inline with a lot of what I see online. I've spent significant time looking at studio builds and articles and countless hours reading about helmholtz resonators and the importance of mass in soffit mount designs and so on, but for all their cost and effort few of the studios I see look particularly inspiring. That's not to say sound reproduction isn't highly valued, but I think my idea of a studio I want to spend time in might be closer an artist's studio, where the colour of light (sound) is important, but so too is the spirit of the environment and its capacity to adapt to creative needs. Perhaps it's a symptom of the modern collision of creation, mixing and mastering and that they can (or must) all occur within the same space that has meant that small studio designs tend towards the immutable requirements of acoustics rather than toward aesthetics (I say this as someone surrounded by quite a lot of acoustics traps and diffusors). I guess we'll see where things lead for me and my gear this year...

Anyway, Massive Happy 2024 to anyone (everyone?.. anyone) reading this!

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