The Colonists

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A chilled, pastoral electronic album, designed to match the calming worlds of this realtime strategy game. Most tracks were sequenced using an Atari ST or Yamaha QY700 and created using a hybrid of hardware and software.

Toast Time

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A 46 track fakechip album. Written in conjunction with Ashley Gwinnel who I co-founded Force of Habit with in 2012. Every level in Toast Time has its own music track, written to match its exact length.



A strictly electronic album covering range of styles and periods in music from the 1950s to the present, inspired by my favourite science fiction soundtracks.

I was lucky enough to have loan of a fabled Cwejman S1 synthesiser for some of the production of the album. If anyone wants to lend me another one, give me a shout… 😉

Cosmic Express

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A chilled, super-ambient soundtrack for this brilliant space-themed puzzle game from Draknek.