YouTube FAQ

Q: Why can’t I rip this audio (even if I won’t do anything obviously bad with it like repost it youtube, pretending it’s my own work)?

There’s a few big reasons, depending slightly on the particular video in question. These include:

  1. The audio is from a commercial game that I’ve worked on and the contract I’ve signed with the game’s developer and/or publisher allows me to post this audio to youtube but not to share it other ways. In this case the audio actually belongs to the developer and/or publisher. If you rip the audio you’re stealing their IP and they’ve got proper lawyers and stuff, so… yeah, don’t do that.
  2. The audio uses 3rd party sound that I’ve bought. While the majority of the components in the ambiences are from original recordings I have made, there are occasionally layers made from sounds that I have purchased from other recordists or libraries. The license terms on these sounds means that whilst I can share them in part of these ambiences, I can’t redistribute or sell them. If you then take these sounds you are breaching the license.
  3. I may use the sounds in commercial work in future. Whilst I would most likely use individual layers or elements rather than the entire ambience, the fact is if I use this in a commercial project then there’s a strong chance it’ll then fall under a similar contract as in point (1).
  4. Provided I have the rights to do so, I may choose to sell the sound in future either on its own or in a pack. I may even give it away for free at some point so I don’t really want people taking it before that.

Q: What about Fair Use?

There aren’t really too many instances of fair use for this type of work that I can think of. It’s unlikely it’s going to be educational, like say a song breakdown video.

If you’re thinking of using any of my sounds in a video PLEASE contact me first. The answer will probably be ‘no’ because I don’t want to get you (or me) in trouble. Please don’t take stuff and claim ‘fair use’ because that will NOT cover you from the license terms mentioned above and it’s a boring waste of time for you to have your videos taken down.

Q: I really like an ambience, are you sure there isn’t any way I can buy it from you?

Drop me an email and I can tell you whether I have the rights to share that particular audio or not.

Q: Why do you hate people using your audio?

I don’t hate people using my audio, honest! I’m sharing these sounds on youtube specifically so that people to use it for their tabletop gaming, study, relaxation etc. I just have to careful about the copyright surrounding the work because I don’t want to get either of us in trouble. In some cases I’ve renegotiated contracts just so that I can share these sounds through youtube with you.

If you like my sounds or use them in your sessions or just listen to them when you work, whatever, please leave a comment – I’d love to hear from you.

Q: What are the ‘binaural’ versions?

Long story short, but if you’re listening on headphones try the binaural version of a video. You might like it better, you might not (you’ll hear a different stereo field that you might find more pleasing – it should sound a bit more ‘natural’).

If you’re still wanting to know what ‘binaural’ audio is at a technical level there’s a pretty solid entry on wikipedia.