Cheap(ish) Surround Speaker Build Part 1


I figured I needed a small 5.1 surround set-up as reference for projects I'm working on. I didn't fancy buying a plastic surround gamers rig nor did I want a cinema type set-up. Short story shorter, I decided to make my own. These would be easily stackable/storable and when not in use for referencing I could dot them around my house as mono or stereo podcast speakers.

📷 The speaker parts laid-out

These are not going to be reference quality speakers for making mix decisions with but should hopefully function well enough for checking spatiality and event ranges on most domestic gaming set-ups. The speakers are full range so no crossover is needed, though I may highpass them digital depending how ragged the low-end is. The sub will be another jury-rigged speaker and a low-pass filter.


The bill of materials came to about £150

I'm actually 75% of the way through this build but I'll post updates daily because a) it wont spam your feed too much and b) time is non-linear anyway so why not.

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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