Cheap(ish) Surround Speaker Build Part 3


Bracing & Damping

Due to the boxes being very thin-walled, small and sealed I wanted to ensure mininum cabinet resonance - nothing good was going to be happening acoustically inside this cube. This meant additional bracing and a lot of damping.

There wasn't functionally room for a cross brace in the middle of the cabinet so I had to settle with a single bar across the back. Adding a second vertical bar wasn't possible due to the position and access to the binding posts.

The damping material is from a roll of mixed fibre that I bought off ebay. Apparently this is the same damping used in 'a luxury car brand' for their doors and acoustic damping. Anyway, when it turned-up it was about 10 - 15 times more material than I'm going to need. Champ.

I also reinforced the 'lid' of the box with four small tabs of pine. This would also give somewhere for the driver screws to house themselves when I screw them in from the front.

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